Precious Murphy "Grassy Knoll" - Limited Edition Print

Creating playful and intriguing images using a language of symbols, shapes, lines and colour, Precious Murphy blends technology, art deco and Nordic design to make simple things special. Travel, music and global cultures provide a wealth of inspiration for his designs and print collections.


'Let me show you the world in my eyes' - Martin Gore

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'Limited Edition Giclée Prints
Limited Editon Giclée Print
50cm x 50cm
Limited Edition Giclée Print
50cm x 50cm

Over four weekends in May, artists in Brighton & Hove open the doors to their homes & studios to exhibit artwork and creations for the annual Artist Open House Festival.

Precious Murphy will be joining the team of artists & makers at The Claremont Hotel, 13 Second Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LL

The Artists Open Houses are grouped into local trails to enable visitors to view as many venues as possible, all within walking distance of each other. The venue is on The Hove Trail and is also close to plenty of others on The Brunswick Town Trail. 


Venue 13 : Hove Trail

The Claremont Hotel

13 Second Avenue, Hove BN3 2LL

01273 735161



Opening Times:


All weekends during May 2018


Bank Holiday Monday's 7th/28th May 2018

11am - 5.30pm


Refreshments & Card Payment Facility

You can see Simon Dixon's work at

On February 13th 2017, one of Brighton’s coolest artists sadly passed away. Simon Dixon  was known for his strong, colourful Pop Art images of 20th Century icons. His work was influenced by a broad range of musical subcultures, lowbrow art, comics & graphic art.


He is loved by everyone who knows him, and we miss him terribly.


I decided to pay tribute to the man who always put a smile on my face and is responsible for me waking up to Tommy Cooper every day! He painted a canvas of the comic legend for me as a form of financial repayment. I wish I could say it was as a result of an all night poker game in a smokey illegal night club, but it wasn’t…. I’m sure Simon would have preferred this scenario much better than the reality!

'I Love Simon Dixon'

Precious Murphy "I Love Simon Dixon"
Handmade Silkscreen Print - Ltd Edition

I recently made a print to honour Simon, and the influence he had on me as an artist. It features references to all of my favourite Dixon portraits and is currently on sale in the website shop. 


50% of the sale price will go to  The Macmillan Cancer Support Charity.


From an early age, my mother made sure that my sister and I were exposed to the arts. She always taught us to listen to music with our eyes closed and look up at buildings in the city. Thanks to her appetite for artefacts, books and music, I became aware of people such as Frank Lloyd Wright, The Beatles and Erté. Not a bad start to a life of creativity.


School brought up a mixture of pain and joy and furthered my involvement with art and music. I found my love of symmetry and precision in Technical Drawing and my mind ran free around the world in Geography. 


Mods, Skinheads, Punks and New Romantics began to shape my early teens and allowed me to express myself through fashion and dancing. Nightclubs and Discotheques continue to be special places for me. The excitement and energy of people coming together to dance and show off is intoxicating. Thanks to London’s legendary nightclubs Heaven, The Fridge and Turmills, I found more sources of inspiration in new music and visuals.


As l made my way through early adulthood, life turned and twisted. I fell in love in Barcelona and moved there to be with my partner. I was living between the Catalan capital and Glasgow, where I was attending college. This was a period where I felt plunged  into a deep pool of artistic inspiration. I broadened my appreciation of genres in art and cinema,  I was absorbed with the exquisite art of Flamenco and I began to piece together a map of who I was artistically. 


In 2001, my sister Kitty Finegan and I started an on line gallery called PopChoc. We represented a selection of superb artists based in Barcelona and Brighton at some of the UK’s prestigious art fairs. Being around inspiring art on a regular basis prompted me to get back on my own path which has brought me to where I am now.


Influential creatives that have made an impact on my life and work include Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret McDonald, the Bauhaus movement, Joan Brossa, Mark Wardel, Pedro Almodóvar, Depeche Mode, James Rosenquist and Zaha Hadid. 


I currently live in Brighton and continue to travel the world with one of my part time jobs as Cabin Crew for a large international airline and the other as a Gent's Barber/Ladies Hairdresser


Current representation is with Liberty Gallery

Photograph by Mark Vessey

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