I love Brighton. It's a really diverse city where people  of all backgrounds and beliefs make up the hot pot population. It really doesn't matter what hairstyle you have, which trainers you wear or you taste in music. It's funny how some people like red sauce and some people like brown sauce yet we all get along. 

The same goes for things like architecture and politics. Brighton and Hove is a a city of green and red surrounded by a sea of blue. I'm sure we will hear more about that in coming months.

We have some fine examples of Regency, Art Deco and 60's concrete. I still love in hope that one day we will be blessed with a building created by Frank Gehry on our skyline. 

I know the i360 is divisive, I personally love it, it satisfies the young Skywalker in me. And for the record it's a short back and sides, Adidas Stan Smiths and a little bit of Depeche Mode for me. 

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